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Top Crypto Betting Bonuses and Deals 2024

Author: Steven Madden | Fact checker: Aaron Jones · Updated: 2024/05/13

Crypto betting sites are taking the online gambling market by storm. They are the latest innovation in the online betting sector and they do not seem to be going away any time soon. For this reason, many new and existing online betting sites are currently incorporating crypto technology into their payment services.

This has made the crypto betting sector competitive like the regular online betting space. For this reason, existing crypto-betting sites offer fantastic bonuses to retain their clients and attract new ones. This post looks at some of the best crypto betting bonuses from leading betting sites in 2024.

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Best Crypto Betting Bonuses May 2024

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Pros & Cons of Crypto Betting Bonuses

What We Like
  • Huge welcome bonuses, rewards, and giveaways

  • Crypto-specific bonuses

  • Fast and anonymous deposits without any KYC standards

  • Small minimum deposits for deposit bonuses

  • Freedom from federal regulations

What We Don't Like
  • Geographic restrictions and limitations

  • Few online casinos accept crypto payments

What is Crypto Betting Bonus?

A crypto betting bonus is a type of offer or promotion that is given at a crypto betting platform or a betting site that accepts crypto payments. There are many betting bonuses when you play at crypto casinos. These bonuses come in different forms, like welcome bonuses, deposit, no deposit, and exclusive deals.

While crypto betting bonuses are usually fantastic and attractive, they still come with terms and conditions. This is a small print that determines the conditions for getting your bonus and how you are allowed to use the bonus. For instance, these bonuses come with wagering requirements and sometimes, they also feature maximum or minimum withdrawal limits.

Types of Crypto Betting Bonuses

🎁No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is an offer at an online betting platform that is given without the condition of an initial deposit. This is a risk-free bonus that players can get even before they deposit any real money into their betting account.

Crypto betting sites also offer no deposit bonuses for clients. Depending on the site offering this bonus, they come in cash, site credit, free bets, and more. You have to check the T&Cs of the bonus before you accept it.

🎁Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is an incentive that online betting sites give to their clients when they register with their platform for the first time. This type of bonus can include offers like no deposit bonus, free site credit, cash, free spins, and deposit bonuses.

The specifics of the bonus usually differ depending on the crypto sports betting sites offering it. Crypto betting sites also offer generous welcome bonuses for all their new clients. It is worth mentioning that this type of bonus is usually only redeemable once.

🎁Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is a crypto or bitcoin sports betting sites offer where the site rewards players whenever they deposit additional money into their betting account. This bonus is only granted after the first deposit has already been made. So, it only applies to other deposits after the first one. A reload bonus can be a percentage of the deposit made or a specific amount, depending on the betting site. Crypto betting platforms offer reload bonuses to encourage players to keep playing casino games and adding funds into their betting account.

🎁Bonus Bet

A bonus bet is an online betting promotion issued to new and existing clients to promote their loyalty to the betting site. It is a form is a form of site credit that customers can use to place wagers and win real money.

It allows bettors to place wagers without using any of their own money. Free bets are usually issued once specific terms have been met. For instance, it may be given as part of a loyalty promotion or VIP packages. These bonuses are as common at crypto and bitcoin betting sites as regular ones.

🎁VIP/Loyalty Bonus

These are bonuses that are exclusively given to players who have played at the best bitcoin sports betting sites for a long time or have earned a specific number of loyalty points. Crypto sportsbooks have different criteria for getting into the loyalty of VIP program.

Some of the best bitcoin betting sites base the decision on the amount of real money bets you have made while others base on how long you have stayed with the site. Regardless, loyalty/VIP bonuses come in many forms including free spins, cashback, reload, deposit bonuses, and other offers.

Crypto Betting Bonus vs. Fiat Bonus

Crypto betting bonuses tend to be more extravagant than regular betting bonuses because the crypto betting market is just starting to gain popularity. So, in attempts to attract more people into the sector and have them betting in crypto, these best bitcoin betting site offer extravagant offers and bonuses.

Some of these bonuses are exclusive to clients who bet in crypto while others are general ones like those offered by fiat sportsbooks. If you want to get the best crypto betting bonuses, you have to make sure you are betting at an bitcoin betting site that is reliable and legitimate.

Crypto Betting Bonuses

Crypto betting bonuses form one of the greatest ways to start having fun while making money. Bonuses ensure that you still get a profit even when you lose your first games. Bonuses come in different ways, mostly depending on the crypto casino you are playing in.

However, some common crypto-betting bonuses come in welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses and promotions.

Name:Bonus:Claim Bonus:
💰 1000 $
💰 500 €
💰 20000 ₮
💰 122 €
💰 100 €

Benefits of Using Crypto Betting Bonuses

Low Fees

One of the key benefits of crypto betting bonuses is the low fees. Some of the bonuses require you to first deposit into your betting account. Transacting in cryptos is fantastic because of the low transaction costs.

Furthermore, there are low fees when it comes to withdrawing your bonuses and the associated winnings. So, you need not worry about your money being deducted before you receive it in your personal account.


Security is also a significant benefit of these bonuses. When you play at a crypto sportsbook, you need not worry about sharing your personal information. You can register and make deposits at an online sports betting site using only your crypto wallet.

This makes it impossible for scammers to access your information and use it to steal from you. This makes it easy and safe for you to activate bonuses without worrying about scammers or theft.


When you register at a crypto sports betting platform, you do not have to use your real name as your username. You can maintain anonymity by using an alternative name. Using crypto payments makes this even easier because you can make deposits and withdraw money without providing your personal banking and identity information unlike when using other payment methods.

Instead, you only need an email address to unlock your money and make deposits. This gives you a level of anonymity that fiat betting sites do not offer.

Find the Best Crypto Bookmakers of 2024

Name:Bonus:Claim Bonus:
💰 1000 $
💰 500 €
💰 20000 ₮
💰 122 €
💰 100 €
💰 1400 ₮
💰 50 ₮
💰 100 $
💰 205 €

✍How To Claim a Crypto Betting Bonus

You can claim a betting bonus from a crypto sports betting site by following the simple steps below:

  1. Find a reputable and reliable crypto-betting site
  2. Register or log into your account
  3. Discover the available bonuses
  4. Create a crypto wallet and deposit funds into it
  5. Deposit funds into your crypto account from your crypto bonus
  6. Meet the terms and conditions for claiming the bonus
  7. Claim the crypto betting bonuses and start playing and having fun

Top 3 Responsible Gambling Practices Before Using Any Crypto Betting Bonus

Establish Your Betting Budget

The first thing you must do is establish your betting budget. This helps you avoid things like going over budget and getting into debt from your betting practices. Once you have established your betting budget, you can set limits using the Responsible Gaming Tools offered by your preferred crypto betting site.

You can also deposit money into your crypto wallet based on your budget to bankroll your betting activities and make sure you maintain the budget.

Avoid the Pitfall of Pursuing Losses

A big mistake that a lot of people make when betting online at crypto betting sites is pursuing losses. This makes you become unrealistic in your betting and make decisions without thinking about them keenly.

Your betting should be done with strategy and no pressure so you do not fall into temptations and traps. Pursuing losses is the easiest way to become frustrated and lose more money when betting online.

Leverage On-Site Financial Tools for Responsible Gaming

The best crypto betting sites offer Responsible Gaming tools that can help you control your gambling practices and the money you spend.

If you want to keep your budget, limit your spending, and the time you spend gambling, these tools will come in handy. There are also resources that you can apply if gambling becomes a problem for you.

❓FAQ Crypto Betting Bonuses

❓What are crypto betting bonuses, and how do they work?

A crypto betting bonus is a type of offer or promotion that is given at a crypto betting platform or a betting site that accepts crypto payments. There are many betting bonuses when you play at crypto betting sites. These bonuses come in different forms, like welcome bonuses, deposit, no deposit, and exclusive deals.

While crypto betting bonuses are usually fantastic and attractive, they still come with terms and conditions. This is a small print that determines the conditions for getting your bonus and how you are allowed to use the bonus.

❓What types of crypto betting bonuses are commonly available?

There are many types of betting bonuses at crypto betting sites. They include deposit, no deposit, welcome, loyalty, and VIP bonuses.

The types of bonuses may differ depending on the betting site and its services. However, the best ones over a vast range of options.

❓Are cryptocurrency betting bonuses legal?

Betting in cryptos is currently legal in many countries. However, it is not legal globally. So, before you register at some of the best crypto sports betting sites, it would be wise to start by understanding if your country is restricted or not, so you can legally bet at the bitcoin sports betting site and earn bonuses.

❓Do all bonuses require a promotional code?

No, not all bonuses require a promotional code. The latest online betting sites allow you to automatically receive your bonus when you claim it, without a promotional code. However, some sites still offer promotional codes. You can find out if the site needs promotional codes from the bonus terms and conditions.

❓Can I claim multiple bonuses across different sites?

Yes, you can claim multiple bonuses across different sites. However, this means that you would also have to register with several sites, deposit money, and share your information with them. So, it would be best to focus on one site so you can make the most of it.

❓Are there country restrictions for specific bonuses?

Yes, there are some country restrictions for some crypto bonuses. For instance, if your betting site is restricted in a specific country, then the bonuses offered by the site will not count as legal. The best sites usually show details on country restrictions on their website.

❓How do cryptocurrencies impact the value of bonuses?

The value of a cryptocurrency is highly volatile. It changes depending on the state of the market and the market value of the crypto currency. So, if the value of the crypto drops or rises, so does the value of the bonus.

❓Can I forfeit a bonus if I change my mind?

Forfeiting a bonus may cost you a fee, depending on the betting site you are playing at. Also, some sites do not allow you to forfeit after you have claimed the bonus unless you do something against the rules of the site and you lose the bonus.

❓What are the best strategies for using crypto betting bonuses?

The best strategy is reading and understanding the terms and conditions of the bonus so you can apply them to make the best of your bonus. Additionally, you can always look for bonuses with the easiest requirements so you can enjoy the most from them.

❓How Do I Choose the Best Crypto Betting Site?

There are a lot of factors you need to consider before you settle for the best crypto-betting site. Some of the things you need to consider include bonuses and promotions, licensing and security, legitimacy and reputation and customer support service.