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Cristiano Ronaldo Launches Free Play Game - A Rival for the EAFC

17 Jun 2024

Steven Madden

Cristiano Ronaldo has officially entered the football gaming arena with the launch of UFL, a new simulation game developed by Strikerz Inc.

Cristiano Ronaldo Launches Free Play Game -  A Rival for the EAFC

Cristiano Ronaldo's Bold Venture into Football Gaming

Investing over £30 million, Ronaldo aims to shake up the gaming world, offering a unique free-to-play model that promises a fair competition landscape. UFL is designed to match players against similarly skilled opponents, ensuring a balanced and competitive experience.

Innovative Features and Game Modes of UFL

UFL sets itself apart with innovative gameplay features catering to online and offline players. Online gamers can look forward to "fair to play" divisions that span the year with opportunities for promotion.

By the end of the season, one player will emerge as the UFL champion. Additionally, the game includes versatile offline modes such as 2v2 and 3v3, broadening its appeal among football gaming enthusiasts.

Direction by investing heavily and participating directly in the game's development, Ronaldo has significantly influenced UFL's. His involvement highlights his commitment not only as an investor but also as an advocate for creating a new benchmark in football gaming.

According to Strikerz Inc's CEO, Eugene Nashilov, Ronaldo's partnership drives innovation and delivers a superior gaming experience that prioritizes continuous progress and fairness.

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