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GambleAware Urges for Tightened Gambling Ad Controls

27 Jun 2024

Aaron Jones

With the excitement of UEFA Euro 2024, the spotlight intensifies on the pervasive nature of gambling advertisements associated with major sporting events. GambleAware, a leading charity focused on gambling harm prevention, is at the forefront, urging for stricter regulations on gambling advertising.

GambleAware Urges for Tightened Gambling Ad Controls

A Call for Change in Gambling Advertising

GambleAware is championing the prohibition of betting advertisements at sporting events, a move supported by recent research indicating widespread public approval. This advocacy aligns with a growing disquiet about gambling ads' omnipresence in sports and their influence on fans, including impressionable younger viewers.

The Gambling Act White Paper

While acknowledging the safer gambling measures proposed in the recent Gambling Act white paper, GambleAware criticizes the document for the lack of substantial changes to gambling advertising regulations. The charity views this as a missed opportunity to enact changes that could mitigate gambling-related harms more effectively.

Proposed Measures and Industry Resistance

GambleAware has articulated clear expectations for the government’s role in curbing gambling promotions, particularly at sporting events. The proposed measures include removing sponsorship logos from players’ outfits and merchandise as well as ads within stadiums.

Despite the responsible gambling initiative of reputable betting sites and some Premier League teams agreeing to abandon front-of-shirt sponsorships, experts argue that more pervasive forms of advertising pose greater risks.

The Debate Continues

Zoe Osmond, CEO of GambleAware, emphasizes that despite the government's research not establishing a direct connection between gambling ads and problem gambling, their data suggest a significant influence of ads on gamblers’ behaviors, prompting overspending among 40% of problem gamblers surveyed.

This ongoing debate underscores the need for a reevaluation of advertising policies in gambling, with GambleAware advocating for the inclusion of more impactful messaging to better inform the public about the inherent risks of gambling.

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