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KSA and Cloudflare tag team against illegal gambling

18 Apr 2024

Aaron Jones

The Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), the Dutch Gaming Authority, has partnered with Cloudflare to tackle illegal online gambling in the Netherlands.

KSA and Cloudflare tag team against illegal gambling

The Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), the Dutch Gaming Authority, has entered into a strategic partnership with global internet service giant Cloudflare to combat illegal online gambling activities in the Netherlands. This collaboration aims to create a more regulated and secure environment for Dutch gambling enthusiasts by targeting unauthorized online casinos that have been attracting local players.

This partnership was established after extensive discussions and is seen as a major step forward in regulating the digital gambling space. The KSA and Cloudflare are combining their efforts to close down illicit gambling sites by cutting off their online access and curtailing their reach to Dutch consumers.

By leveraging Cloudflare's vast capabilities as an internet service provider, the KSA has enhanced its ability to trace and eliminate illegal gambling operations. This includes sharing critical data and intelligence that helps identify and take action against the operators of these unlawful sites.

The KSA emphasizes that the Dutch online arena is strictly for licensed operations that comply with the nation’s Gambling Act. The authority is actively working on multiple fronts, including collaborating with payment service providers and internet companies like Cloudflare, to block financial transactions related to illegal gambling.

This proactive approach is part of a broader initiative led by René Jansen, the outgoing chairman of the KSA, who has been instrumental in pushing for innovative regulatory practices. These efforts are in preparation for the upcoming updates to the Remote Gambling Act, which aim to strengthen the framework against unlicensed online gambling.

The KSA's commitment, supported by Cloudflare's technological prowess, marks a new chapter in the enforcement of gambling laws in the Netherlands. It represents a significant advancement in ensuring a safe, regulated, and transparent online gambling environment for Dutch players.

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