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Scandalous: Swedish Twitch Streamer promoting unlicensed casinos

18 Apr 2024

Steven Madden

Twitch Streamer accused of promoting unlicensed online casinos in Sweden.

Scandalous: Swedish Twitch Streamer promoting unlicensed casinos

A significant controversy has erupted involving Swedish streamers on Twitch, who are accused of promoting unlicensed online casinos. This scandal, uncovered by Sveriges Television's investigative unit, Kulturnyheterna, reveals that a majority of Sweden's prominent Twitch influencers have been actively engaging their audiences—predominantly young men—with casino promotions that lack proper licensing.

The investigation showed these streamers not only endorsing these casinos but also participating in gambling activities on their streams, effectively merging entertainment with active gambling participation. This has heightened viewer engagement but also raised serious regulatory concerns.

Despite Twitch's 2022 policy against such content, enforcement has been lax, leaving the platform, owned by Amazon, under scrutiny. Meanwhile, Spelinspektionen, the Swedish gambling authority, has yet to respond, although it has enhanced powers under the 2018 Gambling Act amendments. This ongoing issue highlights a broader challenge facing regulators as they grapple with the pervasive influence of gambling content across social media platforms globally.

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